Saturday, July 07, 2012

Aloe Vera subzi / Gwarpatha Ki Subzi

A very healthy and nutritious stir fry made with Aloe Vera 

 Aloe Vera is also known as - Gwarpatha, Kwar gandal and Ghrit Kumari. The Aloe Vera plant has many cosmetic and medicinal properties.

 It is full of antibiotics which will fight off infections. It cures ulcers , prevents constipation, cures bacterial infections inside the stomach, reduces cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, soothens joint inflammation especially arthritis related swelling and much more. 

I had always heard of Aloe Vera being had in the form of a juice, or the gel being used as an ointment, so I tried making a curry out of it, and I must say I was very surprised on how good the results turned out to be!

There are many types of aloe veras available,some are bitter in taste so not advisable to consume,sweet variety of aloevera is dark and bright in colour and have less thorns and have shiny transparent jel inside .use the sweet variety of aloevera to make this curry(taste aloe before making)

preparation time-10 min
cooking time-5 min
  • Aloe Vera Leaves - 350 gms (4 cup chopped) *
  • Raisins - 3 tbls
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Turmeric - 1/2 t.s
  • Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
  • Mango powder - 3/4 tsp
  • Refined oil - 3 tbls 
  •  Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
  • Asafoetida - 1/4 tsp
  • Sugar - 1/2 tsp
  • Curd - 1.5 tbls

  1.  Wash and peel the sides of aloe vera steam to remove the thorns.
  2. Chop into thin slices and pressure cook for 2 whistles with 1 glass of water. 
  3.  Wash with cold water( the water in which you have boiled the aloe vera can be used for making chappati dough )
  4. Heat oil in a pan  then add cumin and asafotida.
  5. When seeds start crackling, add turmeric and boiled aloe vera and saute for one minute
  6. Now add curd ,raisins and all the spices and stir fry for approx.2 minutes
  7. Take out in a bowl and serve hot or cold.(around 2-3 tbls subzi at a time)
Serving Suggestions - Serve with Roti, Rice or as a side dish.

*There are many types of aloe veras available,many varieties are bitter in taste so not advisable to consume,sweet variety of aloe vera is dark and bright in colour and have less thorns and have shiny transparent jel inside .use that sweet variety of aloevera to make this curry(make sure to taste aloe vera before making this stir fry)


meena said...

aloe vera i had heard in cosmetics plus i used this in farmville games on fb. hehe this is the first time i m seeing sabzi made out of it.

looks good and different anjana

Raksha said...

really healthy stir fry

simran said...

this is really good.......what an excellent way to make use of the plant!

PT said...

wow.. very interesting recipe with aloe vera.. never heard of it...

faseela said...

wow....never cooked Aloe vera....really useful recipe....superb

Meg's Delicious Adventures said...

I had no idea that you can cook and eat aloe vera...looks amazing.

- Meg's Delicious Adventures

R.Punitha said...

Hi Maayeka ,

Till now i never heard this


WWWoWWw, Very healthy and it has

many medicinal values...

Thanks for sharing Dear....

Spice up the Curry said...

I never knew that this can be used in cooking.. great to know now.. looks very good

Kalyan said...

tempting indeed...mouthwatering dish & the clicks!

Suchi said...

I have never had aloe vera stir fry, thanks for the recipe:-)

Priya said...

Never know we can cook aleo vera this way, fabulous subzi.

Suja Manoj said...

Different recipe,sounds yummy

Julie said...

very innovative sabzi,delicious..always used aloe vera for cosmetic purpose!!

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Mythreyi said...

wow never knew Alo Vera can be cooked... looks very nice..

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

I also did not know we could cook aloe vera..though I've heard about juice...sounds good

Padhu said...

Sounds interesting! I have never cooked aloe vera leaves .I know that some eat that jelly but this is very new to me

Shanthi said...

fabulous and innovative

sangeeta said...

Nice recipe. I use Aloe vera a lot but mostly in raw form. In my fruit smoothies or as a juice. Even the raw gel eaten as it is. Never cooked it and I am not sure if throwing away the cooking stock would be a good idea.

Supriya's Rasoi said...

Amazing my mother is a huge fan of aloe actually we always tease her..this is so innovative bookmarked.

nisha said...

Wow never heard of this use of aloe , is this a traditional or one of your innovation Anjanaji

renu said...

aloe vera as a subji.. never imagined it.. first time on ur blog.. loving ur recipes...

Anonymous said...

I grew up on this and my mum's bhabhi made this so well. We always looked forward to our trips to Bikaner so we could have this with other Rajasthani dishes! cannot wait to try it! thanks for bringing back so many memories with te food u cook!
Donna said...

just eating this Aloe vera Subji. I like it. Thanks.

Genera said...

Aloe Vera is very bitter. How did you remove the bitterness before cooking?

Maayeka said...

@Genera-the variety I used was not bitter,just boiling is enough to make it eatable.

forumik89 said...

Wow, what a wonderful recipe!

Did You ever try a juice with aloe? I bought one with the addition of peaches and it taste very good:)
I found it on aloespolska
I must try Your recip really!;)
Best wishes!